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Born in the fall of 2010, Noi-Noi is a brand of handbags and accessories designed for and by young trendsetters and fashionistas under the direction of Sylvia Krens, the creator of Hi-di-hi*Arts & Wonders.By anticipating the latest styles and color ways in the fashion world, we create collections that reflect your lifestyle each season.

Our products are produced following the principles of Fair Trade in our own factory based in China.

Managed by western standards, our products are all handmade by our dedicated staff.

Our strict control and education regarding the manufacturing process results in exellent quality for a remarkable affordable price.

If you’re interested in how a Noi-Noi bag is produced, you can take a look at ‘birth of a Noi-Noi bag’.

Fun, fashionable and affordable, our bags, backpacks, wallets and other accessories are sure to be Always by your side.

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